Our All Occasions, Birthday Box and Christmas Box contain 36 Cards. The Card Wrap and Tag box contains 15 cards, 15 sheets of wrap and 15 tags.  Our Mini box has 50 cute mini cards.

 Don't be fooled by COPY CAT Companies - we are the original and the best!

Note: No Deliveries from 10th November to 19th November

Cards, Wrap and Tag
Xmas Cards
Mini Cards
$8 each*  

All Occasion Cards (Sold Out)
Birthday Box

$10 each* 

* Depending on courier charges


Kings Langley Public School

“Make Cents Fundraising Cards has been one of the easiest fundraisers our P&C has run. The families who purchased the cards are hoping we will run this fundraiser every year! The amount of money we earned for our school, exceeded our expectations!”

P&C Committee