Our All Occasions, Birthday Box and Christmas Box contain 36 Cards. The Card Wrap and Tag box contains 15 cards, 15 sheets of wrap and 15 tags.  Our Mini box has 50 cute mini cards.

 Don't be fooled by COPY CAT Companies - we are the original and the best!


Mini Cards $6 each*  

Birthday Box $10 Each*

While stock lasts STRICTLY NO RETURNS

* Depending on courier charges


Roebuck Primary School - Broome WA

Makecents Fundraising provides a beautiful and easy to sell product that was very well received by all of the families at our primary school. Fundraising with a product that families found useful and very good value allowed us to sell every product we ordered with a very successful profit. I would highly recommend you to contact Maria at Makecents for your next fundraising activity.

Roebuck Primary School - Broome WA